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WPA Ted 2252 Non-Reg.                    REG. #                                        TAG # W-553          Birth Date: 02/23/2023

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       Beckers Stunner 1901               AAA 19625390

Beckers Stunner the                 AAA 20127574

       Beckers Rose 1905                                  AAA 19966911   


Registered Dam. 


# Pathfinder      + Embryo Transplant  

     CED        BW         WW        YW        MILK



    MARB       RE.        CW          $B           $C




Actual BW: 87 lbs.

Adj. 205 Day: 819 lbs.

Ind. Ratio: 100

Actual WW: 880 lbs.

Dam's WW Record: 9@99

Weigh Date: 10/20/23

Avg. Daily Gain on Cow: 3.68 lbs.


 Twin with W-554. W-553 stayed on the cow, his brother we took off and raised as a bottle calf. Non-registered but out of registered parents. Sire is our herd sire Stunner. Dam was reg. but one winter many years back we had 2 cows lose both their plastic and metal tags. Didn't know one from the other so gave them white ear tags instead of the typical yellow that our females get. Then sold their offspring as commercial animals. For many years there has been a white tag bull for sale. Cow came up open at pg check. She has always produced bigger framed offspring so to be safe we tag her a cow bull.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Price $3,500 SOLD  TROY B.