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                                                   Welcome!                                                                 Well here we are 2023. Time is moving by so fast and once again it is time to list the bulls we have for sale. Bulls will all recieve a genomic test and have registration papers. If you find a bull your interested in we ask for $500 down payment to hold the animal 'til after breeding exams sometime the end of April. No charge to keep animals till time of breeding exam. We do offer discounts to new and past customers. Thanks.

We would like to welcome everyone to WPA RANCH! Our family has been raising cattle of one kind or another for over 75 years. Registered Black Angus cattle were brought into the herd in 1990. 

Over the past three decades, the Angus operation grew as the ranch grew, utilizing artificial insemination from the beginning to service our best heifers and field-tested cows yielding a herd with the proven ability to gain weight efficiently, produce highly sought carcass configurations, and cows with a pleasant disposition.

For the first time in 2002 we saw bull calves from the registered herd hit the 700 lb.mark, For some time now we've seen better than 95% of the bull crop go over the 700 lb. mark, with half the bull calves going over 800 lbs.on their 205 day. All this gain is natural, we do not creep feed.

When we first started out, having calves that weighed 90 to 100 lbs. or more was common place. Back then a 86 lb. bull calf was average, with a birth epd of +2.2. Last I checked the average bull calf weighs 79 lbs. with birth epd of +1.2. As time went by and calving ease bulls came to be in such demand, we found ourselfs with yearlings that were hard to sell. Over the years we like most other breeders had to cull those heavy weight producing cows. Here we are in 2022, the shift has been made. Most every calf now comes in below 90 lbs. 

There will be a real nice selection of yearling bulls for sale starting the latter part of January 2023. A.I.sires represented are: Sydgen Enhance. And herd sires out of Basin Payweight, SS Niagara and Sydgen Enhance.

All bulls will be genomic tested using the Angus GS method. They will be semen tested end of April. All production numbers, E.P.D.s and prices will be posted on this website by the end of January for those interested in buying early.

The wife and I are getting up there in age and the last of the kids left 3 years ago. Over the last 5 years we have gone from 150 cows down to 50. Only the very best are left. As you page through bull listing their will be weaning weights that are well above average. Over 30 years of A.I. breeding to top weaning and carcass bulls along with heavy culling then major herd reduction will leave a fella with a group of cows that really produce. We do sell 8 to 10 cows every fall to make room for replacements. So if anyone is interested in them, give us a call. We also have 10 registered open heifers to sell. If interested in them, give me a call anytime. 

All I can say is sometimes in life you get lucky. Each fall when we're running the calves across the scale at weaning, the realization of the progress that's been made over the years becomes evident and it is very gratifiying. Everyone is welcome to stop by the farm anytime to view the operation and see how the animals are raised. 

At White Pine Angus Ranch, we pride ourselves on consistently offering breeding cattle with the finest combination of balanced E.P.D.s and humanely treated animals.

Stan Semmler, owner of WPA Ranch, is a member of the Minnesota Cattlemen's Association and both the Minnesota and American Angus Associations and has been recognized for having registered Angus cows included in the American Angus Association's Pathfinder Report.

Thanks so much for visiting our site. We welcome calls or inquiries any time.