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~ Bull Introduction Page ~ 2023

             We have 21 very nice yearling bulls for sale this season.


                                    Prices start at $2,500.   

** All bulls will recieve a complete breeding exam by our vet mid to late April. Each animal will have a genomic test done that will enhance the reliability and expand the scope of the EPDs. Each bull's linage and complete set of EPDs can be viewed at the American Angus Associations website, just type in their registeration number in the search box. There is a link to the AAA homepage on each bull page. Call or email with any quetions. **

Our approach to raising cattle is basic: get the best gain with the least amount of feed, without giving up the traits that make Angus cattle so popular. A bull prospect must have gained at least 3 pounds per day on the dam. The bull calves did surprisingly well in 2023 even though we all went through a very dry summer, AGAIN!!!.Their ADG ranged from 2.97lbs.- 4.43lbs. a day on the cow. They must have good feet and legs, and a disposition to match. There is no supplemental feed of any kind offered to our calves while nursing. Our goal is to get the bulls to a desired weight of 1250 to 1400 pounds by June 1st, depending on frame, making bulls that are filled out, but not fat. Our first calves are born 1st of March so by June they would be 16 months old with enough frame and weight to service the mature herd.

We believe in spending as much time with the customers as it takes, answering questions about every aspect of our operation as we walk through the bull pen, pointing out the benefits of each animal and their personality so the customer walks away knowing they are getting the best bull for their operation.

Like many of you folks, generations of Semmler's have been farming as far back as anyone can remember. The addition of registered animals to the farm started in 1990. With the selling of Registered Angus in 1997. We're pleased with the progress that has been made and will be offering you in 2024, 34 years of select breeding for efficient Registered Angus cattle. When you're looking for a new herd sire, give us a call or stop by the ranch. We would be more than happy to show you our lineup.

Thanks for look'in.