White Pine Angus Ranch
                                                With an eye to the future and the bloodlines to insure success

Stan Semmler

1511 - 16th Street N W, Backus, MN  56435                                                                                                                                                 

e-mail: wparanch@hotmail.com                                                                                                                                                           

Home Phone: 218-947-3058     Cell:      218-232-8215

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We are conveniently located 43 miles north of Brainerd, Minnesota. 

Taking 371 north out of Brainerd travel 30 miles north. You will arrive at Pine River, Minnesota.

At the stop light, turn right onto Barclay Avenue also known as Highway 84.

Follow 84 through Pine River and across the dam over the Pine River. At the T in the road, turn Left.

Follow 84 through the outskirts of town until you reach the cross roads where 84 turns north.

At the stop sign, take a left and follow Highway 84 approximately 11 miles until you reach another T where Highways 84 and 87 converge.

There will be a large barn-shaped sign directly in front of you advertising Semmler's White Pine Angus Ranch.

At that junction, turn right and follow Highway 84 around the sweeping curve to the left that eventually straightens out for approximately a half mile.

The tar road will continue on to the right, but you will take the township dirt road (the West Ponto Lake Road).

At the first turn on the road (there will be a large yellow garage on the left side, which will be 16th Street NW) turn to the left.

Once on 16th Street NW, you will pass 2 summer homes on the left and then a large open field.

The next house on the left, the gray residence with new construction, is your destination. There is a sign at the end of the driveway indicating Semmler's White Pine Angus Ranch.