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WPA Freddy 2223                 REG. # AAA 20514695                      TAG # - R556              Birth Date: 03/17/2022

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    SS Niagara Z29                            AAA 17287387

RFA Niagara 201G                  AAA 19571788

    RFA MS Upward 1Z                      AAA 17368724

    Basin Payweight 1682                  AAA 17038724

WPA Sheri 1996                      AAA 19610397

    WPA Sheri 1257                            AAA 17734117

 # Pathfinder    + Embryo Transplant        

    CED          BW          WW          YW          MILK

      +1           +2.6          +61         +113          +29

                                       50%         45%

    MARB         RE.         CW           $B          $C

     +.97           +.67         +61         +176        +298

       20%          45%         20%         10%        10%  



Actual BW: 81 lbs.

Adj. 205 Day: 772 lbs.

Ind. Ratio: 105

Actual WW: 778 lbs.

Dam's WW Record: 2@105

Weigh Date:

Average Daily Gain on Cow: 3.49 lbs.


    One of the main traits when we got into registered cattle was carcass quality and proper feet and legs. As we all know things take time to work out. Been at this going on 30 yrs. and am pleased with how many cattle now are going above average for quality carcass values and correct feet and legs. R-556 is a good example of when it works. His young dam has done well with a 2 calf weaning ratio of 105. His granddam had a lifetime weaning ratio of 8@107. Nice animal with above average docility score.     

                                                                                                    PRICE $4,200  SOLD JEROME G.