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WPA Leo 2236                           REG. # AAA 20514671                               TAG # R-562           Birth Date: 03/22/2021

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     Sydgen Enhance                               AAA 16715036

RFA Enhance 511H                      AAA 19571788

     RFA MS Aberdeen 111C                    AAA #14963730

      WPA Firestone 1893                         AAA +14901682

WPA Vera 2091                            AAA #17100045

     WPA Kala Page 1938                        AAA 12486295

# Pathfinder         +Embryo Transplant

CED      BW        WW       YW       MILK

  +2      +2.1        +63        +122       +33 

                             45%       30%

 CW      MARB       RE       $B        $C

 +.49      +.61         +.40     +139    +240

   50%      50%                      50%    50%

Actual BW: 71 lbs.

Adj. 205 Day: 578 lbs.

Ind Ratio: 79

Actual WW: 526 lbs.

Dam's WW Record: 1@79

Weigh Date: 

Avg. Daily Gain on Cow: 2.45 lbs.


    His dam is well built with excellant pedigree. R-562 is very friendly with above average weaning and yearling EPD's. Top 4% for scrotal. Will help with any claw issues you might have. His granddam has a weaning ratio of 3@105. Which should make her our latest Pathfinder cow. He was at the bottom coming across the scale this fall and will spend the rest of the winter playing catch-up! P.S. as I write this note it is Feb.28th. Bulls frame has grown conciderably. He is as tall as the average bull in bull pen.     

                                                                                                 Price $2,500  SOLD  BOB &  PAT  N.