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WPA CHAMP 2066                 REG. # AAA 19626410               TAG # - R479

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            JMB Traction 292                      AAA *17262374

WPA Traction 1618                  AAA 18675875

            WPA Debbie Leads 1407          AAA 16803071 

            Pearson Consensus P52Z        AAA +17479176

WPA Illini 1438                         AAA 18012899

           WPA           AAA 12906606

           WPA Erica of Objective 0T26      AAA 16571724

# Pathfinder  +Embryo Transplant   *Parents Qualified 

Birth Date: 4/07/2019

Actual BW: 82 lbs.

Adj. WW: 718 lbs.

Ind. Ratio: 96

    CED        BW        WW        YW         MILK

      +1        +2.3        +47         +77         +26                  


   MARB       RE.       CW          $F            $B

    +.89       +.62       +33         +79         +119 

Dam's WW record: 4 @102

Weigh Date: 4/29/20   1173 lbs.  

ADG on cow was 3.52 lbs/day  

Scrotal:  36cm                                 

R-479 is one of our lowest priced bull for spring. Overall still did well gaining 3.52 lbs. on the cow. Compare that gain to what some folks are offering and you may see that even our bottom bull has gained better than others upper tier. Remember we do not creep feed or offer any other supplemental feed to calves while on the cow, all growth is natural. EPD's are average, he shines in marbling @ top 15% and ribeye @ top 35%. He's well built with a good attitude. Dam has been a good cow with an average 205 day weight of 712 lbs. on 4 calves.

                                                                                                                       Price $2,750