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Stan Semmler

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WPA CHEVY 1995              REG. AAA # *19610551                      TAG # - R454

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              Sitz Top Game 561X              AAA #*16559105    

JMB Traction 292                     AAA *17262374

              JMB Emulota 013                   AAA *16776281

              WPA Turbo 1260                    AAA 17734094

WPA Tammy X 1498                AAA 18350723

               WPA Shanna 1281                AAA 17734098

# Pathfinder    +Embryo Transplant      *Parents Qualified

     CED        BW          WW         YW            MILK

     +10          -.3           +62        +110            +34


    MARB       RE.         $W           CW              $B

    +1.05      +.53         +80          +33            +116


Birth Date   03/01/2019                                                          Dam's WW Record: 3 @ 104 

Actual BW  80 lbs.                                                                     Weigh Date: 3/23/20  1231 lbs. 

Adj. WW 723 lbs.                                                                        ADG on cow was 3.34 lbs/day

Ind. Ratio 100                                                                                Scrotal:    cm  


   R-454 carriers nice growth numbers for a minus birth weight animal. ADG would have been better but his dam died a couple of months before weaning. Can only figure she got jumped while lying down, after that she just could't get up, so had to put her down. The bull calf hung in there and is right now anyway the nicest shaped bull in the pen and the first to let me scratch him. 3rd highest marbling bull @ +1.05, top 10%.         .     

                                                                                                       PRICE $3,200 BOB & PAT N.