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WPA BRO 1950            REG. # AAA 19328886               TAG # - R441

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          Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36          AAA +*16925771

Arjons Rampage 1404-1624          AAA *18474895    

          Arjons Powertool U124-1404        AAA *17881094                         

           WPA Daniel 1151                        AAA  17418924

WPA Ma Bell 1381                         AAA 18012929

            WPA Bella 1210                         AAA 17418722

# Pathfinder      +Embryo Transplant   *Parents Qualified


Birth Date:   3/29/2018

Actual BW:  78  lbs.

Adj. WW:    809   lbs.

Ind. Ratio:  106                   

CED      BW        WW      YW       MILK

 +3       +2.8        +69      +119       +34


MARB    RE.     $W          $F         $B

 +.27    +.72    +70.91  +90.64  +149.02



Dam's WW Record:   3 @ 101 

Weigh Date:4-22-19,  1272 lbs.    

ADG on cow was 3.91 lbs/day  

Scrotal:  35.5cm                         

We're real excited about these Rampage sons. They add a bit more frame to his offspring for feeders that tip the scales. Add to that the carcass quality and you have the making of some real fine herd bulls for other seed stock producers or the guy selling feeder calves. This guy weaned off 770 lbs. @ 197 days. Sire is still here on the ranch, ranks in the top 5% for carcass weight. 

                                                                                                                  Price $3,650   SOLD