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WPA FORTRESS 1919       REG. # AAA 19328873            TAG # - R430

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              Connealy Consensus                 AAA #*15513367

K C F Bennett Fortress              AAA +*17259012

               Thomas Patricia 9705                AAA *16615196

               TC Total 410                              AAA #14844711

WPA Prompter 1156                   AAA #17418761 

               WPA Miss Prompter 285            AAA #14257268


Pathfinder   + Embro Transplant    *Parents Qualified

Birth Date:   3/16/2018 

Actual BW:  79 lbs.

Adj. WW:     803 lbs.  

Ind. Ratio: 108     

    CED       BW         WW         YW         MILK 

      +1       +2.4         +70        +127         +25


    MARB     RE         $W           $F           $B

     +.71     +.56      +59.16    +97.58     +152.33



Dam's WW Record:  5 @ 107

Weigh Date: 4-22-19,  1410 lbs.

ADG on cow was 3.89 lbs/day 

Scrotal:      40cm                                

Lots to say about dam of R-430. You can walk up and scratch her anytime. Last year's calf gained 4.00 lbs/day on the cow. Thick and stout. Granddam is a Pathfinder who had 12 @ 106 WWR. Dam's own sire TC Total has over 12,000 registered offspring putting him in the top 10% of registrations in the Angus Breed. R-430 weaned off at 816 lbs @ 210 days. Sire is an incredable high growth guy with only a slightly above average frame. Pathfinder dam. We kept this dams 2017 bull calf for one of our own herd sires.There were 5 new yearly sires that were used on the farm last year and at the end of the summer her bull had out preformed the others. He is an awsome looking bull.       

                                                                                                   Price $ 3,800 SOLD