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WPA CHEVY 1914           REG. # AAA 19328899         TAG # - R427 

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        Jindra Double Vision                   AAA *16748826           CED        BW          WW          YW         MILK

CarlSons Double Vision 5184      AAA 18468327                     +7        +1.1          +64          +115         +28

        CSA Beauty 2084                       AAA 17397105 

         Pearson Tycoon P21Z               AAA +17493160            Marb.      RE          $W            $F            $B   

WPA Elvira 1554                          AAA 18350661                    +.54       +.32      +69.31      +86.04    +148.23

         WPA Date Wacker                      AAA 15179785


#Pathfinder        +Embryo Transplant                *Parents Qualified

Birth Date: 3/14/2018  

Actual BW:   82 lbs.

Adj. WW:    779 lbs.

Ind. Ratio:  102   


Dam's WW Record:  2 @ 98

Weigh Date: 4-22-19,  1233 lbs.

ADG on cow was  3.58  lbs/ day 

Scrotal:  38.5cm   

Our Double Vision herd sire has Sitz Upward on the bottom side. As you walk through the bull pen it's easy to pick out the Upward grandsons. They're thick all over with style. R-427 did quite well coming from a second calf cow. He weaned off at 759 lbs. @ 212 days and likes to follow me around - seems to think I've got the grain bucket. EPD"S show calving ease with real nice growth through weaning and right into the feed lot.    

                                                                                                  Price $3,250   SOLD